Symptomatic of facisit agenda to make JNU a RSS In


Campus Front National Vice president MS Sajid in a statement said that the removal of top heads from various departments of JNU over mere allegation of their refusal in complying mandatory attendance order shows the undemocratic attitude of administration towards university, and it is a symptomatic of fascist agenda to make JNU a RSS institute. Since the appointment of a pliant Vice-Chancellor who was known for his proximity to RSS, the students of this university have been vehemently protesting against the coercive decisions which are against the academic logic, freedom and democracy. The VC’s instant imposition of an lllegal and irrational policy of demanding compulsory attendance of students, which was never passed nor discussed in any democratic decision-making body again fuelled various kinds of struggles. JNU has been the target of the Modi government since it came to power. No doubt, the regular attacks on JNU such as Massive cuts in admission intakes, violation of reservation policy, harassing teachers by denying their legitimate dues, improprieties in the conduct of selection process of officials, showing lackadaisical approach in missing case of student Najeeb Ahmed, etc are part of the fascist regime’s wider agenda to wreck the university which always stand as an exact opposite to the saffron politics and policies. MS Sajid said that mandatory attendance in a research university like JNU is absurd and universities excel not because of restrictions or order, but in an atmosphere of academic freedom where the students can freely cultivate their thoughts and ideas.Through various kinds of enforcements, the administration is setting up means to harass a select number of students for their political activism. He also said that non compliance of such decision by the university heads, which 98 percent of the JNU students voted against, can be considered as a dissent and an act in favour of students. Instead of adopting required measures to gain the confidence of students and faculty the administration is playing havoc. He also added that, however the recent decision is not unprecedented considering the trajectory of fascist moves that happened in the institution. Ultimate goal of administration becomes much easier to achieve if student's voice can be stymied and suppressed. As to defeat this,students community should be able to fight and come together irrespective of political differences. Campus Front urges the student’s community to come forward with vigour and mark their protest to protect institutions from fascist onslaught.



Campus Front National President PV Shuhaib in a statement said that Death of 60 children including infants in Gorakhpur's Baba Raghav Das Medical College due to the alleged disruption in supply of oxygen is owing to the negligence and incorrigible misconduct on the part of government.This hospital is situated in the constituency of Yogi Adityanath. The Chief minister is busy spreading communal hostility towards minorities and finds no time to intervene into the issues of his own constituency. This is a pitfall to the society. The Chief minister and the minister of health should be held responsible for the dreadful tragedy. He added that the government should conduct a high level investigation and prosecute those who are responsible for the incident and provide necessary compensation for everyone who suffered. Campus Front expressed their condolences to the bereaved families.

Student Dignity Conference on February 3rd at Chen


Chennai: In a press conference held in Chennai Press Club on January 25, Campus Front National President PV Shuhaib said that National General Council and Student Dignity Conference would be conducted on 2nd and 3rd of February here. The conference upholds the message 'We the students We the nation'. Since the present government came to power at the centre the student community and the academic freedom of the country is subjected to the most violent attacks. The suicide of Rohit Vemula and the forced disappearance of Najeeb Ahmed points to the intolerant atmosphere that prevails over the academic arena today. RSS has unleashed two fold attacks over the academic sphere by planting its sympathizers over the educational institutions and at the same time perpetrating hooliganism of its student wing over the campuses. The premier Institutions of the country which are monumental in generating anti-fascist thoughts are branded anti national and discussions and debates are curtailed in the name of patriotism. Institutes like JNU which were much vocal and reacted to each and every development are forced to mum and students are been heavily penalized and subjected to disciplinary actions for participating in agitations. The draft New Education Policy include many provisions which can potentially undermine the secular nature of the national education and may lead to rapid commercialization of the educational sector. The idea that students are mere studying objects and they need not interfere in 'other' things is being patronised by the state and propagated using government machinery which points to the increasing domination of corporate interests over the education sector, he added. He also added that Student dignity conference upholds the dignity of studentship. According to Campus Front being a student is a responsibility. The conference intends to make the students aware of the idea of nation and the nation aware of the idea of being a student and to ramp up resistance against fascism in campuses, according to him, only which could save the Nation from a potential sabotage at the fascist hands. Through Student Dignity Conference Campus Front looks forward to consolidate the support of the like minded people for their cause. Campus Front National General Council will be held at Ramzan Mahal on 2nd february. On 3rd,A mass students Rally and Public Meeting will be held infront of Raja Rathnam Staduim. The National General Council Will be Inaugurated by Muhammed Ali Jinnah (Gen Sec,Popular Front) and the following public meeting will be Inaugurated by Former Union Minister Mani Shankar Aiyer. Campus Front National Secretary Rauf Shareef,Committe Member Nainar Sulthan,State President S.Musthafa and Gen Secretary Abdul Rahman also addressed the Press Conference.

Campus Front condemns the draft National Medical C


Campus front National President PV Shuhaib in a press statement strongly condemned the National Medical Commission bill tabled in the parliament, terming it "an attempt to commercialise the medical sector and subvert democratic values". Instead of obliterating the corruption and inadequacy of medical structure, the centre is introducing a new system which is inconsistent, lack of accountability and transparency in structure and process. Through the replacement of existing apex medical education regulator with a new body, the centre is seeding corporate culture in educational sector. Proposed Bill embodies an entitlement for profit oriented institutions to operate and determine fees in 60% of their medical seats without regulation. It is like the government is retreating from the regulation of fee structure and controlling corrupt practices. Moreover, it violates the basic requirement of modern governance structure that a regulatory body must be multi-stakeholder, transparent, and accountable. PV Shuhaib said that referring the contentious bill to standing committee for examination is acceptable, but most importantly the committee is obliged to consider the public interest. He also said that if corruption in MCI was the main reason for bringing in NMC, the government should have taken corrective measures rather than introducing a new bill.Had this bill be passed, it will be a big disaster for entire health sector and medical education gets de-democratised. He added that, the way the centre introduce controversial bills without proper discussions and debates marks the government's sauce in collecting public opinion. Campus Front asks the government to step back from nodding anti people policies.

RSS guns down democracy: Campus Front


New Delhi: Campus Front of India National President PV Shuhaib, reacting to the brutal murder of Gowri Lankesh, has said that RSS is gunning down the democratic values more ferocious than ever. Freedom of expression and right to dissent are the heart and soul of our democratic system. Since Narendra Modi came to power, the hindutwa groups have been killing those who spoke against fascist ideas. MM Kalburgi, Govind Pansare and Narendra Dhabolkar were earlier victims of RSS intolerance. There are lot more who encountered death threats. Modi government is nurturing armed goons and violent mobs to sustain regime of terror and intolerance. The right wing extremist violence has escalated ever since NDA rose to power. He urged the people to fight fascist aggressions tooth and nail and build mass resistance in order to secure our democratic values.


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