PM’s Announcement on Resetting India’s Covid Vaccine Policy is an Imperative

India’s covid vaccine policy which enabled free vaccination to only those who were above the age of 45 was a misstep, since resetting it was an imperative. The Prime Minister’s announcement that the vaccine would be free for all adults at government hospitals from June 21 was a necessary step that should have been taken long ago. Though public health is a responsibility of the government, Centre has shown its indifference by setting a paid vaccination policy for citizens 18-45 age group. It has evoked nationwide criticism. Even the Supreme Court has slammed Centre’s earlier policy as “arbitrary and irrational” asking the centre to review it. The new regulations were announced only because they were forced to do so. However, the government hasn’t forgotten to leave room for the private sectors to nourish their business and gain profit. 25% of the vaccine will be given to the private sector. This can cause inequity unless the Centre procure 100% vaccine and ensure freely available to all. Homa Kausar Vice President