The arrest of Umar and indict of professors and leaders: BJP government is afraid of larger alliance in anti CAA movement

Campus Front National President MS Sajid in a statement strongly condemned the arrest of Umar Khalid in connection with Delhi genocide and indict of professors and political leaders by Delhi police in the supplementary charge-sheet. The police framed the charge-sheet based on the alleged statement of the arrested protestors in which they try to establish protesters’ ‘role’ in the genocide and link with different organisations. The police added names of political leaders Seetharam Yechoori, Yogendra Yadav, professors Apoorvanand, Jayathi Ghosh and documentary filmmaker Rahul Roy in the charge-sheet. Subsequently the police had to deny the existence of such former statements when it was widely criticised. He stated that the BJP government is afraid of materialising larger alliance which claims constitutional rights. They were trying to create a rift in the anti-CAA movement by spreading hate against certain groups. The hindutva government’s vilification campaign against each organisation of the larger anti-CAA movement by alleging their names with violence proves fervent effort to this end. It is very clear that the Delhi Police under the Home Ministry is making ‘blank’ charge-sheets as per the factfinding report published by RSS associates. The police have done no intervention against the real culprits who took the lives of 53 people during the genocide. They were not even called for an enquiry and still spouting hate in social media. Campus Front extends solidarity to all of those who are falsely incriminated and anti-CAA protestors who remains the target of Delhi police. The move to shield the real culprits of Delhi pogrom will not succeed but our slogans will again echo in the streets, he added.