FIR Against Campus Front National President : Ploy to Stifle Dissent

The move to register FIR against CFI National President MS Sajid over a tweet criticising human rights violations in Kashmir is a part of the ongoing witch-hunt against those who raise dissent against the BJP government. It is an attempt by the hindutva government to paint ‘speaking for constitutional rights of Kashmiri people’ as anti national. Modi government’s policies on Kashmir generated more dissent than acceptance around the world which is evident from the ghastly unnatural measures the government had to adopt in order to enforce the abrogation of Article 370 against the will of Kashmiris and the ire of the nation. The denial of basic rights in Kashmir has escalated since August last year due to the imposing of communication blockade henceforth which has been pointed out by many activists and reputed organizations; notably the report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. But the BJP government is stubborn on not regarding any of them and tainting the dissenters playing on hyper nationalism.To that end the bigoted saffron brigade and uniformed police forces of the country are working hand in hand to repress disagreements. The narrative spawned by the RSS that any criticism directed against the government is an anti national activity doesn’t hold with the spirit of democracy. Dissent provides the life blood to democracy is an idea cherished by our Constitution and upheld by the Supreme Court multiple times. RSS ambition of a dissent-less nation need to be vehemently opposed. The present move to crack down on differences, tarnish the organisation and target its leader is Ill motivated.