Writing off fugitives’ loan outrageous: Campus Front of India

Campus Front General Secretary Rauf Shareef termed the writing off of 68000 crores of loan amount belonging to fugitives such as Mehul Choksi, Nirav Modi etc as highly outrageous and in effect a loan waiver for the cronies of BJP. The act waters down the commitment to recover the public money stolen by the wealthy businessmen. It is shocking that such a scandalous move has taken place at a time when the country was continuously touching economic low since years. The Modi government has been consistently starving the welfare activities in the country and selling off the stakes in public sector undertakings for want of revenue. It is an irony that the same government didn’t find it unfair to carry out such a flagrant move. The justification that writing off non performing loans is just a normal technical procedure doesn’t hold as the parties involved are fugitives, the legal process against whom is underway. The party who came to power with a promise to free India from the vice of corruption and black money is now working with utmost commitment to bring a breeding ground for it. CFI demands the government to immediately annul the action as it hurts the sentiments of the citizens deeply when the country is facing its darkest days ahead. #RBI #Loan