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MS Sajid Elected as National President of Campus Front


Malappuram: The National General Council of Campus Front elected the new National Committee with MS Sajid as President and Rauf Sharif as General Secretary. The other committee members as Abdul Rahim, AtiyaFirdous (Vice Presidents), S Muhammed Rashid, Mohammed Kaleem (Secretaries), AtheeqRahman (Treasurer), PV Shuhaib, T Abdul Nazar, Mohammed Thafseer, Fayis Kanichery, MB Shefin, S. Musthafa, Misriya, Kaleemul Bari, Arshak Vazhakkad.The two day event was held at Malabar House, Malappuram. National Advisory Board Chairman KM Shareef controlled the election process. Earlier, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Popular Front of India, National General Secretary inaugurated the council. Delegates from all over the India discussed the national working report for the last year and participated in the election process. The council held that Section 69 of IT ACT which empowers certain agencies to spy on citizens is the violation of the constitutional right to privacy and demanded to revoke the law. The council resolved that frisking students before entrance exams is unethical andauthorities should step back from such practices. It is also held complicating procedures for obtaining minority scholarships defeat its very purpose. The council also demanded that reservation should be ensured for all streams of entry to Kerala Administrative Services.

State Governments should execute Supreme Court direction to curb lynching: Campus Front


State governments should take preventive, punitive and remedial measures to curb mob lynching as directed by the Supreme Court. Campus Front National delegation after visiting Azhar Khan's family, denounced the slipshod attitude of Rajasthan government which nurtures such incidents in the state. Azhar Khan was stabbed to death by a mob of hinduthwa fanatics at a place near to his village on 21st of this month. The allegation of polluting a temple river by Azhar and his brothers was actually a rumour as part of their plot to ferment frenzy and violence.The delegation stated that, the murder was precisely a deliberate attempt to prevail a fear over the Muslim community, and the police should unveil the conspiracy behind the lynching.The police force who is bound to safeguard the citizens has not yet ready to arrest any perpetrators who have been freely roaming in public.Their laxity and inaction evince the absence of law and order in the state and would promulgate a culture of impunity. Campus Front demands the police to enforce the law in stern by arresting all the culprits and deliver justice to the family. It is alarming that the people are forced to come out to the streets to ensure justice.The state goverments should give directions to the police force to adopt stringent actions to prevent lynching.The delegation was headed by MS Sajid Campus Front of India national vice president and accompanied by national Secretary Tabarak, Rajasthan state committee members Irfan and Noorul Islam.

Commemoration of Surgical Strike unscrupulous: Campus Front


Campus Front of India National president PV Shuhaib said that the UGC circular directing higher education institutions to commemorate the anniversary of surgical strike is unscrupulous and in odds with all principles of ethics.It is an attempt of the government to milk the military for political gains. He alleged the centre of resorting to jingoism to divert attention from its scams and failures. Pv Shuhaib condemned UGC of compromising its autonomy before the narrow interests of the government. Indian military created many episodes which raised the pride of the nation, which the government has no eagerness to remember while it is celebrating surgical strike as an achievement. While the whole country is in distress and is tasting the bitterness of the wrecked policies of the government, the commemoration amounts to the mockery of citizens. Campus Front demanded that the centre should step back from abusing educational institutions for its political agenda.

Probe the conspiracy behind the murder attempt to Umer Khalid: Campus Front of India


New Delhi: Campus Front of India national committee demanded an independent probe be made into the murder attempt of JNU student Umer Khalid. Such an attempt should not have made without the support of some hand in government and police especially when the security is high in Delhi as part of Independence Day celebration. A high level probe should be constituted to lay bare the conspiracy behind it. The Modi rule is marked with murders, attempted murders and death threat against scholars and writers who stand firmly against the anti people policies of the government. The government consistently failed to secure the lives of the citizens. The committee opined that the issuing of NRC at Assam openly challenged the sanctity of the idea of citizenship as a revered contact between the state and its subjects. Expelling a considerable population from citizenship and stigmatising them as foreigners is a part of hate campaign going on in the country. The government is moving on the lines of RSS which define nation in a divisive manner and denounce those Muslims and those who oppose Hindutwa as having foreign allegiance. The committee also condemned the government move to go on the draft of National Education Policy which prepared without sufficient consultations with academicians and without any public discussion and is widely looked upon as a means to smuggle saffron agenda into the education. The committee expressed concerns over the government’s move towards an authoritarian state and it will undermine the democratic ethos which has been preserved through generations. The National President PV Shuhaib, General Secretary T Abdul Nasar MS Sajid Muhammad Tabarak and Raoof Shareef Spoke in the event.

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