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Probe the conspiracy behind the murder attempt to Umer Khalid: Campus Front of India


New Delhi: Campus Front of India national committee demanded an independent probe be made into the murder attempt of JNU student Umer Khalid. Such an attempt should not have made without the support of some hand in government and police especially when the security is high in Delhi as part of Independence Day celebration. A high level probe should be constituted to lay bare the conspiracy behind it. The Modi rule is marked with murders, attempted murders and death threat against scholars and writers who stand firmly against the anti people policies of the government. The government consistently failed to secure the lives of the citizens. The committee opined that the issuing of NRC at Assam openly challenged the sanctity of the idea of citizenship as a revered contact between the state and its subjects. Expelling a considerable population from citizenship and stigmatising them as foreigners is a part of hate campaign going on in the country. The government is moving on the lines of RSS which define nation in a divisive manner and denounce those Muslims and those who oppose Hindutwa as having foreign allegiance. The committee also condemned the government move to go on the draft of National Education Policy which prepared without sufficient consultations with academicians and without any public discussion and is widely looked upon as a means to smuggle saffron agenda into the education. The committee expressed concerns over the government’s move towards an authoritarian state and it will undermine the democratic ethos which has been preserved through generations. The National President PV Shuhaib, General Secretary T Abdul Nasar MS Sajid Muhammad Tabarak and Raoof Shareef Spoke in the event.

Cancellation of Audrey Truschke’s talk a setback to academic freedom : Campus Front


Campus Front National Vice President MS Sajid has stated that the cancellation of the lecture on Mughal history by renowned historian and author of Aurangazeb, Audrey Truschk , which was to be on 11th in Hyderabad, is a setback to Academic freedom. “It was reported that the police denied the permission after a protest erupted against the programme. The so called protest is from RSS-BJP affiliated individuals and groups. It is known that Sangh Pariwar has long history of intolerance against anything and anyone who disagrees with them. Police and authorities are there to provide a secure atmosphere for intellectuals and academics on such occasions. Instead, if police and authorities are to bow down before such intolerant groups and go on cancelling everything such groups are in disfavour with, then there can be no dialogues, nor diverse of opinions nor free intellectual endeavours of any form, which are the strengths of any healthy democratic society.” It is clear that it is Truschke’s unbiased historical interpretations of Mughals times that made Sangh Pariwar angry. History for Sangh Pariwar is nothing more than a single exclusivist melodramatic story of the past to serve their present divisive political purposes. But it might not satisfy genuine researchers or scholars who are in search of truth. The organiser's explanation on the cancellation of event is irrational and shows their lack of guts to organise such an academic event.”

Enough With Intolerance Unite Against Fascism


Campus Front strongly committed to countering the hegemony of fascism in every sphere of the society. Next general election is due in 2019, and to a large extent, the outcome will depend on the gauge of the sentiment of the public against the ruling party. The imminent exercise of Indian Democracy is akin to the second freedom struggle to reaffirm the idea of India enshrined in the thought of great leaders.we believes that proper awareness and mobilization are required in every sector of the society to defeat the fascists who have the power with legitimacy and reverse this pitfall. From this point of view, Campus Front is organizing an anti-fascist campaign “Enough with Intolerance, Unite against Fascism” from the month of August. The campaign will continue last till Lok Sabha Election of 2019. The official inauguration of this campaign will be held on August 11 at India International Centre, New Delhi. The programme will commence at 10.00 am.

Salute to the Students, Your flags will fly over their Autocracy One day.


Condemn the police manhandling of students for waving black flags during BJP leader Amit Shah's rally in Allahabad. The brutal assault and abuse of students without any ruth to the females elicit the demeanor of police force in providing security to the programmes of BJP instead of dispensing the primary duty as protection of common citizen. Protesting against a genocider is not a crime in a democratic society. We are not living in a Shanthi ashram where everything is going fine. The smell of Bloodstains and the slogans of gourakshaks grabbed our nights sleeplessly. The courage of students to wave the black flags against hate mongers was an eye-opening move to the people who believe that nothing will happen to them. You can never throttle down the voice of dissent. PV Shuhaib National President Campus Front of India

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