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Campus Front condemns Sangh Parivar cruelties on students at AMU.


Campus front National President PV Shuhaib in a statement has strongly condemned the ruthless attack unleshed by Sang Pariwar hooligans with the support of police on students at Aligarh Muslim University. The Violence erupted over a portrait of Muhammad Ali Jinnah that has been hanging inside the students’ union hall for 80 years was a well-planned and deliberate move of right wing hinduthwa to ravage a premier institution that has always stood for humanism, tolerance and progress. Universities are supposed to be a place for debate and discussion. But the latest incidents at AMU are a shameful reminder that the forces of intolerance and intimidation affiliated to the ruling party are expanding their project of forceful saffronization into reputed universities too. PV Shuhaib Said that the recent attack by Hindu Yuva Vahini with the backing of police force is a reflection of agenda of RSS-BJP to disrupt the atmosphere of amity and peace in campuses after seeking permission from administration for the performance of sakhas. Instead of stopping violent mob of hinduthwa, the police force brutally beat up the innocent students without any qualms. This behaviour of UP police of joining perpetrators instead of providing protection to the victims proves that not only that they they are incapable maintining law and order but also they themselves are a threat to it. He pointed that if this violence was motivated by their patriotism, they would rather have marched to the parliament demanded the removal of portrait of savarkar from the parliament hall, who inspired the assasination of Mahatma Gandhi and sought the clemency of British colonialists. This amount of violence is a result of Sangh Pariwar indoctrination, which blinds these people from seeing historical facts of our country. Campus Front demanded an independent inquiry into the matter and strict punishment to the Sangh Parivar members and police who involve in these heinous attack.

Government's inaction on BJP member shows the ineffectiveness of rule of Law


Campus front Delhi State President Sabi Ahmed in a press statement said that Government's inaction on Manish Chandela, Who openly claimed on social media that we had burnt the refugee camp of Rohingyans, shows the ineffectiveness of rule of Law and the entrenchment in culture of impunity that is taking deep roots all around us. The Manish Chandela is a member of Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha which is the “Youth Wing” of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP). Ironically, there is no response against this kind of a person from BJP as a national political party abided by the constitutional principles.These kind of hate-mongers are a potential threat to the society where multi-religious people are residing in peace.This person should immediately be arrested as he also threatens in social media to carry out such crimes in future. He also said that “this kind of attitude of our legal system toward criminals is a major factor behind these crimes being prevalent in our society”. it seems that the hate crimes are now being extended to the helpless immigrants only because of their religious identity”. Campus front demands proper and immediate investigation into the matter and strict action against the culprits.

Symptomatic of facisit agenda to make JNU a RSS Institute: Campus Front


Campus Front National Vice president MS Sajid in a statement said that the removal of top heads from various departments of JNU over mere allegation of their refusal in complying mandatory attendance order shows the undemocratic attitude of administration towards university, and it is a symptomatic of fascist agenda to make JNU a RSS institute. Since the appointment of a pliant Vice-Chancellor who was known for his proximity to RSS, the students of this university have been vehemently protesting against the coercive decisions which are against the academic logic, freedom and democracy. The VC’s instant imposition of an lllegal and irrational policy of demanding compulsory attendance of students, which was never passed nor discussed in any democratic decision-making body again fuelled various kinds of struggles. JNU has been the target of the Modi government since it came to power. No doubt, the regular attacks on JNU such as Massive cuts in admission intakes, violation of reservation policy, harassing teachers by denying their legitimate dues, improprieties in the conduct of selection process of officials, showing lackadaisical approach in missing case of student Najeeb Ahmed, etc are part of the fascist regime’s wider agenda to wreck the university which always stand as an exact opposite to the saffron politics and policies. MS Sajid said that mandatory attendance in a research university like JNU is absurd and universities excel not because of restrictions or order, but in an atmosphere of academic freedom where the students can freely cultivate their thoughts and ideas.Through various kinds of enforcements, the administration is setting up means to harass a select number of students for their political activism. He also said that non compliance of such decision by the university heads, which 98 percent of the JNU students voted against, can be considered as a dissent and an act in favour of students. Instead of adopting required measures to gain the confidence of students and faculty the administration is playing havoc. He also added that, however the recent decision is not unprecedented considering the trajectory of fascist moves that happened in the institution. Ultimate goal of administration becomes much easier to achieve if student's voice can be stymied and suppressed. As to defeat this,students community should be able to fight and come together irrespective of political differences. Campus Front urges the student’s community to come forward with vigour and mark their protest to protect institutions from fascist onslaught.

Police Brutality Unjust to the Public


Campus Front of India National General Secretary T Abdul Nasar strongly condemned the police brutality on Fathima Nafeesa, mother of missing JNU student Najeeb and other activists who were peacefully protesting infront of Delhi high court against the CBI's lack of interest in investigation of missing case. It's been a year since Najeeb went missing.CBI is bound to give a believable explanation to the nation and to Najeeb's family as to why they are still clueless about his whereabouts. Before transferring the investigation to CBI,several times the police has faced the wrath of the court for their manner in which it has been carrying out the probe,but unfortunately the CBI is also acting in same manner and it shows the degree and impact of political intereference or pressure exerted on CBI executives to protect the ABVP members.Because everyone knows that he had gone missing after a scuffle with ABVP members. T Abdul Nasar also said that Today,Police attacked Najeeb's mother along with scores of agitating students without any Provocation from their part.They were forcefully taken to custody and are reportedly being detained in various stations.This is an attack against people's democratic rights.He also said that this deliberate act was an unjust to the public and indicates the bent of mind of police executives. Campus front condemns this shameful act and also expressed their concern over the non seriousness of CBI in public matters.

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