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Struggle for justice is not to be a leisure time act for the youth. It is to be their life blood. Their hearts should beat with justice. Through remarkable foot prints of struggles and agitations over eight years, Campus Front is capturing the hearts of Campuses. Our non compromising stance towards Fascism and policies realising fascism as the gravest threat of the Nation have gained us such a great support.

We believe that for the prosperity of nation students should come up as the torch bearers .We are not among the 31 percentage vote gained by the Modi Sarkar. So we have the genuine rights to fight against the anti people policies of the ruling class. We are not compelled to balance our fight against fascism with something else. We believe that justice lies with standing by the oppressed rather than deceiving rhetorics of impartiality. We are not ready to compromise until the rights of Muslims, Dalits and the downtrodden are secured.

We celebrate Nov 7, our foundation day as Campus Day, to spread these ideals among student community. Flag hoisting is held on the occasion at all the units and Campus Day message is delivered by leaders.

n order to develop and sustain a democratic sense among the students there should be internal democracy within the organisation. So we have adopted an organisational structure which rests on internal democracy. Our organisation is of a heirarchical structure with units forming functional blocks at root level. Units work inside the campuses and also locally. All members of Campus Front shall be a part of some unit. Boys and girls work in the same unit. There is a president and secretary for each unit.

Area is above the unit. There is an area committee comprising of President, secretary, vice president, joint secretary, treasurer and two members. Area committee and presidents and secretaries of constituent units form Area Council.

Above Area committee is District committee and afterwards State committee. National committee is the supreme body. There are also councils at all levels with structures similar to that explained below. Committees are the major executive bodies at all levels and councils are for aiding committees.

Members of a unit elect its leaders whereas members of units and area participate in election of Area committee. District General Council, State General Council and National General Council elect District, State and National committees respectively. Elections are conducted anually in units and areas where as the term of office of State and National committee is two years.