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We started functioning seven years ago with some definite objectives. Those objectives we have declared on the day of our constitution. It is very essential that the rank and file of our organisation be well educated on our objectives so that our programmes and course of action be designed so as to aid it.
These are the objectives of Campus Front of India. Being a member of CFI means we are taking an oath so as to act accordingly.

• To work for the Welfare and progress of the students in various parts of India

We are a student organisation. We believe that the student community constitutes the most valuable resource of a nation. The status of the student community is a definite pointer to the future of the nation. Therefore ensuring the welfare of the students is in the interest of the nation.

In this regard we try to maintain a student friendly atmosphere in the campuses all over the country. We remain a watchguard against the policies of government which is harmful to the interests of the students. We act as a pressure group pressing the government and authorities for student friendly measures. We make sure that the students are instructed in the right manner.

• to prepare the student community for taking up the role in nation building

Career is not to be the sole goal of students. We need to care about our nation. We have heard of our forefathers whose struggles and sacrifices realized the present nation that we live on. Nation building is a continuous process. It is to be carried out without any interruption. If we abandon this duty of ours and run after our own personal well being, our nation would be seized by people of vested interests. Especially in a period when fascism intends to build a hindu rashtra over the sweat and blood of our forefathers. We need to prepare the student community to take up the responsibility of national reconstruction- to reconstruct the nation on the foundations of justice.

• to inculcate moral and ethical values among students

Due to the perversion of capitalist culture, unethical practices are becoming norm everywhere. Profit has become the sole motive of every enterprise. Education is seen as one of the most profitable business instead of being a valuable service to the nation. This social order is very much harmful to the idea of welfare state. Especially, the present profit oriented educational system, feeds the idea of exploitation into the minds of the students. After completion of education they are hurrying to compensate for the huge expenses incurred for their studies in whatever manner they could. Even the very act of saving life is weighed upon by the profit it generates. We need no prevent the educational sector from becoming the graveyard of ethics.

The moral values are also being challenged. Leading a morally disciplined life is widely portrayed as a chained and uncivilized life. Parting with moral values are applauded as a necessity of modern liberal thought. We regard morality much vital to the peaceful and balanced existence of society. In a society the life, wealth, dignity, privacy and rights of people are preserved because of the moral values followed by them. We need to uphold the idea of morality.

• to promote peace and harmony in the society and to protect the secular democratic setup of the country

Hidutwa fascism has become a grave threat to the secular and democratic setup of our country. By preaching the politics of hate they are trying to build a Hindu rashtra here. In the onslaught of hindutwa politics, the communal harmony of the country is deeply wounded. All the campaigns of hindutwa politics – Ramjanmbhoomi, Gomatha, love jihad etc- are intended to spread hate among different communities. We need to resist it. By promoting communal harmony we are weakening the fascist influence. Campaigning against Hindutwa fascism and building up resistance against it is our utmost priority.

• to mobilize students to work for the development of the marginalised sections of the society

In a democracy, the voices of every section of the people are to be heard. If some sections are marginalised, it has no meaning other than some dominant group of people have prevented them from being heard and pushed them behind. By raising the voices of the unheard, we are strengthening the democracy and questioning the authority of the dominant

• educate the students about constitution of India and laws of the country

Our constitution is realized through the struggles of a large sections of people over centuries. It is a live document which should regulate every course of action which affects the national life. It is not to be limited as a reference book of lawyers. By making the citizens aware of the constitution, they are more likely to question the unconstitutional practices of the authorities and act as watchguards for the legality of government actions. Constitution has envisaged a welfare state for us. But it can be realized only by vigilant citizens

• to make students aware of human rights and citizenship rights

To make the people aware of their rights is the best way to resist autocracy and dictatorship. In a dictatorship, the authorities are talking more about responsibilities and duties of the citizens. They constantly demand that citizens should keep discipline based on certain code of conduct. The trend of autocracy can be challenged by making the people demand for their rights. When the voices demanding rights are heard the shackles of dictatorship are broken.

• to educate students about the problems related to the education system

Education sector is very important considering the present and the future of the nation. It is the most vulnerable sector to vested interests. A poem by Allama Iqbal states: ‘Pharoah was an idiot to have killed numerous children to secure his throne. He could have started a school and simply achieve the goal’. We are witnessing how the Hindutwa movement is manipulating the education sector. We need to be keen on the developments in the educational sector and educational policies.

• to strive for protecting the educational institutions from criminalisation and antisocial and Anti National influence

For a healthy nation, the educational atmosphere need to be calm and clean. But many vested interests make use of campuses to breed antisocial activities. In many places drugs rackets makes use of education institutions as a safe operating area. In many campuses, political parties intentionally grow criminality among students so as to maintain their stronghold. We need to fight all this.

• to ensure peace and safety in educational institutions

• to resist and defeat the attempt of communal and fascist forces which creates polarization in the Indian society

• to educate the students regarding the nefarious designs of neocolonialism Presently, the colonialism is not operating in conventional manner by occupying land. Instead it acquires authority over a people through variety of ways. It could be by buying government officials, by acquiring control over the markets, through cultural interventions, through heavily lending a country, through media propaganda, by interventions in education in order to conquer the minds of student community etc. We need to prepare students to identify, resist and reject all forms of colonialism

• to promote intellectual dynamism and academic excellence among students

• to help poor and meritorious students in the studies

• to engage students in democratic struggles for their right to education Struggles always strengthen the democracy. For a democracy to function effectively, the citizens need to react against the wrong policies of government. Absolute obedience can lead a people to autocracy. This culture of questioning and reacting is to be developed right from student days. The campus needs to be a training ground for democracy also.